Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot Review

Great trekking and walking boots

The Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot is a tough ankle boot which has a leather surface and a rubber sole. These features allow it to be waterproof and slip resistant meaning that combined with the relatively low and affordable price they make great trekking and walking boots

They also have lots of added in comforts such as a padded collar, a very effective and comfortable lacing system and a removable dual density footbed.

It is described as being a ‘hiking boot’ and so it is not advised to be worn when operating heavy machinery, at risk of chemicals, falling objects, extremely sharp penetration, extreme temperatures or as police boots.

However,  they will work great for any wet conditions as your feet will stay nice and dry and you won’t slip over. You can also stay confident that wearing them for long hours will not bring discomfort to your feet as one of their main designs was for long term wear.

These are not heavy duty boots and can’t trust them in any snow accumulation over 2-3 inches. If you need a boot suitable for winter or snow this might not be a good choice.

These boots are optimum for those working long hours in need of waterproof, comfortable and supportive shoes.

They offer solid all round protection for general circumstances, but if operating extremely heavy or dangerous machinery, you will need to look for slightly tougher shoes.

They are more recommended for hikers and other leisure activities rather than full on work shoes

Which Sector are these boots optimum for?

Keep your feet dry as are very waterproof and make crossing uneven terrain much easier.

Foot Protection Performance

Protection Standard: ASTM f2413-11 M/I/75/C/75, EH
Toe Impact Rating: N/A
Metatarsal Protection: No
Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: Does not meet ASTM standards.
Midsole penetration protection: Tough leather but no metal protection.
Electric Shock: Does not protect as qualified by ASTM standards
Electrical conduction: Does not conduct
Static Dissipation / Antistatic Protection: No
Dielectric Insulation: Rubber Sole
Energy Absorption: No
Water Resistant Upper (WRU): Very water resistant
Heat Resistant (HRO): Not able to withstand intense heats
Insulation Against Cold (Cl): Insulates against fairly cold conditions but not ASTM Standard
Insulation Against Heat (Hl): Insulates against fairly hot conditions but not ASTM Standard

Other Considerations

Slip Resistant – Tough rubber sole to prevent slipping in wet conditions
Ankle Protection – Speed lace hardware with hooks at top for secure lacing meaning that your ankle and foot stay very supported
Chemical Permeability – Isn’t ensured by ASTM so would stress caution if using around chemicals
Biological Agents – These shoes are long term, not disposable and the disinfectants are not compatible with leather

Best Fit

Upper – Leather
Lining – has a waterproof membrane in lining
Toe area – Foot Shaped with space for feet, non-metallic
Insole – Removable dual density foot-bed
Heel – 4 inches
Sole – Rubber
Fastenings – Lace up

Cost over Quality

These shoes are priced between $69.90 – $114.99  and although cannot be classed as official work shoes (as they do not qualify for any ASTM standards) they are at a very reasonable for some very comfortable and waterproof hiking boots.

They are designed to be comfortable and to be shoes that you can wear for hours on end without your foot feeling uncomfortable.

Meeting the needs of the workforce

Diabetics: Diabetics should only wear safety shoes that are specially crafted
Arthritis: Soft edges and padded collars to really keep foot comfortable.
Plantar Fasciitis: Designed to be comfy and support feet for long hours
Wide Feet: Not much choice for wider feet on amazon

Comfort Factor

The inner side of the shoe is straight from the heel to the end of the big toe to ensure that your foot stays in a natural position for the duration of the time that you are wearing it.

It also grips your heel firmly meaning that it provides support to your ankles (good for uneven terrain) and does not rub on your foot. It has a padded collar and a Gusseted tongue which really help cushion your feet and also the tongue releases some of the tension which is created by the extremely effective lacing up system.

It has a padded collar and a Gusseted tongue which really help cushion your feet and also the tongue releases some of the tension which is created by the extremely effective lacing up system.

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